End of the season

The season is now over for both of our kennels. We can say it was a successful and sometimes quite busy season. Therefore, it was possible to have 8 teams returning from their sledding trip at the same time. Compared to those weeks, the last ones were already less busy and more relaxed thanks to our small guest helping with every task including removing ice from inside Strike's kennel. 

Since we have more time for seasonal tasks, Gabriel and Helena finished microchipping the last few puppies. Now we have to wait for the opening of the online register to register all of our dogs. 

Looking back at this past season in numbers, all guests and guides drove a total amount of 175.306km from both kennels. Out of these, the new kennel ran a total distance of 76.211km. The top runner has been Talvi with 2398km, followed by Otchum with 2353km and last but not least Polo with 2333km on third place. The old kennel ran a total distance of 99.095km with top runner being Ragnar who ran 2499km followed by Strike with 2497km and Jarkko with 2492km on third place. 

Simone is the first one to start her summer break with a two month long road trip through the baltic area and northern Germany. We wish her and her three four-legged-company a great time!

Last but not least, we would like to say thank you to all of out guests, friends, dog sponsors and partner for a great season and we will be back towards end of may!